Best Electronics for Christmas

Tablets and smart phones are dominating the market this yearChristmas is almost here, and there are millions of people beginning to panic at the thought of so little time in which to purchase those last-minute gifts. However, it shouldn’t be hard to find something really special, as the range of electronics for Christmas this year is truly remarkable. There are some electronic gadgets that are expected to cause a real stir in stores across the UK this year and here are just a few of them.


When Apple announced its very first tablet computer – the iPad – few people thought that within only a few years they would be sold in numbers to rival those of laptop sales. However, there are now several choices for the British consumer to peruse, and the most impressive of them all is the new iPad 3. It features the highest definition screen yet, and it is designed with speed and functionality in mind. However, it faces stiff competition this year, as there are three other devices that offer very similar experiences. Google’s Nexus 7 is smaller than Apple’s device, yet it retails at less than half the price. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is cheaper still, and it offers extra functionality for reading ebooks. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is also set set compete with the iPad 3 this Christmas, and its compatibility with the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy SIII smart phones will give it an edge over the other devices.

Smart Phones

The most popular electronics for Christmas this year will probably be smart phones, and there are three major players this year. Of course, Apple’s iconic iPhone 5 will be at the top of many Christmas shopping lists, but it will face some stiff competition this year from Samsung. Following on from the game-changing release of the Galaxy Note II, Samsung has released the SIII mini; a smaller version of their market-leading smart phone. The Note II is expected to perform well due to its quite incredible multi-tasking capability which allows users to watch videos and browse the internet at the same time. Although there will be some limited competition from Sony and Nokia, it will be Apple and Samsung products that will have people flocking to their electronics stores.

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