The Taste of Italy with Lavazza

The Taste of Italy with LavazzaLavazza coffee is something of an institution in Italy. The Turin based company have long provided coffee lovers from all over the world with the precision and finery of expertly roasted espresso beans. Now, you can recreate the taste of Italy in your own home thanks to the range of products and accessories inspired by the booming European coffee culture

Perfect Coffee Before or After Meals

A revitalising cup of espresso can be exactly what is needed just prior to sitting down to a meal. The perfect strength and intensity of fully roasted espresso beans can add an extra kick to a pre-dining coffee. This can be exactly what a guest needs to experience the finery of a traditional Italian culinary experience. The type of foods vary from region to region, but some things remain constant. Foremost of these is a great pride in fresh top quality fruit, vegetables and dairy products. These features of the perfect meal combined with the famous coffee from Lavazza can create a memorable sensory experience. You can recreate the taste of Italy in your own home with coffee makers from Lavazza –.

The Full Flavour of Roasted Espresso Beans

The excellent blends of Lavazza can also be enjoyed while out and about. With more and more coffee shops appearing throughout Europe, the taste of the finest coffees need not be a strictly Italian possession. Coffee lovers have become far more discerning in their tastes and desires. Clearly, the experience and knowledge shown in the coffee bean roasting techniques of Lavazza can go a long way to satisfying every taste palate. With the latest brewing equipment and preparation accessories, you can bring the coffee experience home where everyone can enjoy the genuine Lavazza taste.

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