The Best Computers for Gaming

If you want to play all the very latest games on your computer, it’s a good idea to aim for a machine that has an extremely high spec and packed with the very latest technology and innovations.

Games designers like to push computer hardware to its absolute limits and this means that the newest games are always going to be among the most challenging programs your computer will have to run, placing in particular heavy demands on your processor and graphics card.

For this reason, most serious gamers prefer desktop computers over laptops as the former make it far easier to upgrade key components as these can have a significant effect on gaming performance.


Companies such as Cyberpower and Alienware specialise in desktop gaming computers but many of the major manufacturers including HP, Asus and Dell also have high-end gaming machines as part of their model line-up.

Purchasing such a computer may require a significant initial outlay but the ability to upgrade individual components as and when it becomes necessary means it will be several years before the base unit itself needs to be replaced.

However, even the most powerful processor and best graphics card on the market will fail to deliver the ultimate gaming experience unless they are paired with a high-quality monitor.


Unlike general-use computers, gaming machines tend to be supplied without a monitor so you’ll either have to use your existing model or purchase one separately.

Hardcore gamers tend to prefer their monitors to have low response times of round 2ms compared to standard 5ms used in standard monitors. However, unless you are playing extremely demanding programs, you are unlikely to be able to see a difference.

Many PC gaming enthusiasts end up building their own machines, selecting individual components to fit in with their overall requirements.

Exactly how powerful a computer you will ultimately need depends on the type of games you wish to play. Basic platform, strategy and arcade-style games, along with those released two or three years before the computer was purchased, can be played on most home PCs but if you want to play the very latest releases or play online games, you’ll need a more advanced set-up.

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